Snob Shoppe Fraternity - ENTOURAGE - Detroit, MI
Snob Shoppe Fraternity  - Renaissance Society
                      3 N T 0 U R 4 G 3

The Snob Shoppe is an exclusive club where access to signature
events and socials require membership and/or reservations to attend.
Admission is for 1 or 2 persons only per registration form (below).
Please complete and submit the form below according to the instructions 
highlighted in yellowUpon receipt of your information submitted we will contact you to confirm your interest, reserve your attendance and provide you
with details to complete your registration.
1. Please write in Comments Box;
a. The Event or Social Name you wish to attend.

b. (1) person (your name) or (2) persons (your name & guest name).

c. Click send to submit your form.
                                                         Thank You 
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